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The rudiment of Chinatelecom's "cloud strategy" is emerging. As one of the carriers of the new three strategies, cloud computing has become a new development strategy of Chinatelecom. After taking the lead in releasing the Tianyi cloud computing strategy in 2011, Chinatelecom established a professional cloud computing company in 2012. In June, it made its first appearance in its own business, such as the extrusion of glass fiber reinforcement, magnetic plastics, conductive materials, new ceramics and other materials, and entered the cloud game. Chinatelecom's cloud strategy has basically taken shape

since Wang Xiaochu mentioned the new three strategies at the Chinatelecom work conference in early 2011, that is, Chinatelecom should be the leader of intelligent pipeline, the provider of integrated platform, and the participant of content and application, cloud computing has become a new development strategy for Chinatelecom

it is understood that Chinatelecom has been brewing cloud computing for a long time. In 2005, Chinatelecom provided comprehensive information application services for small and medium-sized enterprises, which was regarded as one of the earliest SaaS (software as a service) embryonic forms in the industry. In 2009, Chinatelecom established the wing cloud project team, which has successfully provided reliable and efficient cloud computing services for many customers, such as the Shanghai WorldExpo, a bank in Taiwan, the Universiade and so on. The arrival of the big data era has also created an opportunity for telecom operators to develop large-scale applications in cloud computing. Chinatelecom has obviously seen and seized such an opportunity

on August 31, 2011, Chinatelecom took the lead in launching the Tianyi cloud strategy, deployed the construction of a commercial cloud center at three levels, officially provided services to customers, and planned to officially launch a series of Tianyi cloud computing products such as virtual machine and cloud storage in 2012; In 2012, Chinatelecom set up a separate cloud computing company to provide specialized Tianyi cloud services. In June, it made its first appearance in cloud game products for smart TV terminals, focusing on expanding the TV game market and launching multi screen fusion game products

it is reported that cloud game is a game based on cloud computing premise created by Chinatelecom. Generally speaking, players can break away from the hardware device restrictions of the host and have a cross platform and cross terminal game experience on the cloud server. The main advantages of cloud games are no download, no game installation, no hardware upgrade, the integration of multiple platforms and hosts, and the ability to read the same game archive from multiple terminals

according to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of Chinatelecom love game base, according to the research data, China's TV game market and game market have a large gap with foreign countries, but the market space is also very large. The fundamental reason is that there are some problems in our original traditional TV industry chain, such as the market is not standardized, the terminal requirements are relatively high, and the localization content is scarce

the person said that for the entire target users of cloud games, Chinatelecom hopes to provide service-oriented high-end game products, and also hopes to cultivate users' good payment habits, reach the level of PC games, and leverage the new game market of hundreds of millions of yuan every year

Chinatelecom game operation center was established in Nanjing in August, 2010. In the future, Nanjing Julong will become a top-notch domestic manufacturer of high-end new materials in the automotive and high-speed rail fields. It is mainly engaged in game business and provides TV, PC and multi screen integrated and all-round game services for all users. Up to now, the number of users of Chinatelecom's game platform has exceeded 50million, the number of monthly downloads has exceeded 20million, the monthly revenue of the platform has reached tens of millions, and the cumulative number of game downloads has exceeded 1 China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, information, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, totaling 500million yuan

it is also understood that, internally, the professional teams of three research institutes of Chinatelecom have established the Chinatelecom cloud computing research center and participated in the formulation of some cloud field standards; On the other hand, Chinatelecom has deployed nationwide cloud data centers on a large scale. Based on the commercial cloud data centers in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Sichuan that have been put into use, it has also conducted in-depth cooperation with Internet companies to build a new cloud data center in Inner Mongolia

2011, Chinatelecom put forward the concept of optical city. In the next three years, all broadband networks in cities above the county level will be fiber-optic, cities above the county level will achieve access of more than 4m, and core cities will achieve m-fiber access. Up to now, Chinatelecom has the largest IP backbone in the world. The backbone bandwidth and the centralized bandwidth between provinces have reached 22 T, and the international export bandwidth has reached 760g. By the end of this year, Chinatelecom has more than 800billion broadband users. The development of broadband users has also laid a solid foundation for cloud computing

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