The roof of the workshop where the most popular Ao

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At present, the small force value of the tension machine sensor in the market of Aodong chemical industry is 1. Generally, the roof of the workshop where the S-type sensor factory exploded was overturned as a whole.

the roof of the workshop where the explosion occurred in Aodong chemical industry factory was overturned as a whole.

. The explosion overturned the roof of a workshop with an area of hundreds of square meters, which affected several nearby companies. As a result, one enterprise stopped production, and the lives of nearby residents were also affected. The glass within 100 meters around was shattered by the blast. It is reported that at the time of the accident, 10 night shift workers were on the scene, all of whom were washed down by the air wave or cut by the glass rubble. Eight workers were sent to the nearby 107th PLA Hospital for treatment. At 4:00 p.m. on March 18, according to the doctor, the injured workers were all skin lacerations, two of them were hospitalized for observation, and the other six had gone home. At present, the cause of the accident reported to the national development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments is under further investigation

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