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The role of e-commerce in the overall solution of packaging and printing

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core tip: in recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and the rapid popularization of Internet, e-commerce has been familiar to many packaging and printing enterprises, and the role of e-commerce is not only reflected in transactions. Its value is more reflected in its ability to increase revenue, reduce expenditure and improve efficiency for enterprises. At the same time, it also includes e-marketing, e-logistics and many other aspects. It can be said that it is an innovation and transformation for the overall business process value chain of enterprises

Hello, everyone:

I am Zhejiang hongrenyuan e-commerce Co., Ltd. in September, 1999, our company established China's first industry portal - China Packaging (), which created a precedent for China's industry, and led the rapid development of e-commerce in our city and even the whole country. In, China Packaging ranked among the top 100 in China's industry, commerce and e-commerce for eight times. In, it won the title of "top 10 e-commerce stations in Zhejiang". In january2013, China packaging was selected as one of the first batch of key e-commerce third-party platforms in Zhejiang Province. China packaging is an authoritative industry packaging information platform with the mission of promoting the informatization of China's packaging industry and promoting the development of China's packaging industry. At present, China packaging has nearly 600000 registered members, and has successively provided first-class network solutions for nearly 5000 packaging enterprises at home and abroad

based on the previous achievements, combined with the current actual situation; I think: for e-commerce enterprises, the focus should be on the innovation of business model and profit model, followed by the innovation of platform model, operation model and capital model. All walks of life have common features, but their individuality should be emphasized. Business models and profit models should be targeted. According to different industries, there are different business models and profit models, while others are interlinked. It can be used for reference

the impact of e-commerce on packaging and printing enterprises

in recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and the rapid popularization of Internet, e-commerce has been familiar to many packaging and printing enterprises, and the role of e-commerce is not only reflected in transactions. Its value is more reflected in its ability to increase revenue, reduce expenditure and improve efficiency for enterprises. At the same time, it also includes e-marketing, e-logistics and many other aspects. It can be said that it is an innovation and transformation for the overall business process value chain of enterprises

due to the emergence of e-commerce, the production costs of enterprises are becoming more and more transparent. Many traditional enterprises have made a transition to e-commerce. Many enterprises will compare product prices and choose manufacturers with price advantages for cooperation. The market competition will become more and more fierce. This began in 2007. That is to say, the development time of traditional enterprise e-commerce is exactly ten years later than that of pure e-commerce, The proportion of e-commerce of traditional enterprises is also very small; In developed countries, traditional e-commerce enterprises account for 80% of large-scale e-commerce enterprises; Therefore, the e-commerce of traditional Chinese enterprises still has huge development space. Today, more and more traditional enterprises realize that the era of knowledge economy dominated by information technology, and the new economy characterized by networking, informatization, knowledge and globalization has come and is irreversible

for packaging and printing enterprises in China, those who have won in the competition for many times and have made brilliant achievements in the historical track are now facing new environment and challenges. E-commerce can be regarded as the main driving force for the future development of packaging and printing. If we do not face up to the huge development role of e-commerce for the industry, the brand influence and market competitiveness will show a downward trend. Because the brands created by the network are rising rapidly, they will occupy an increasing proportion in the future. As an important part of the national economy, the packaging industry is facing more and more fierce market competition. E-commerce, a new operation mode, will help to improve the economic efficiency and efficiency of China's packaging industry, optimize the allocation of resources, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. It must be the transformation trend of traditional enterprises. The later it is done, the higher the cost, the fiercer the competition, the smaller the probability of success, and the higher the risk. The competition among packaging and printing enterprises is becoming more and more fierce, and the homogenization competition is becoming more and more serious, and the profit margin of the industry is getting lower and lower. At this time, we have been thinking about how to break through the bottleneck, which requires enterprises to achieve innovation and reform. And how to make more packaging and printing enterprises pay attention to and use the e-commerce platform? A good e-commerce platform can help enterprises, even serve the whole industry, and serve as a bridge between enterprises and customers. Recognizing that the choice of e-commerce is an innovation road that the packaging industry must take, focusing on the current market, there has emerged a new network printing mode of "organic and inorganic composite materials" that has long been abolished by the Ministry of public security, so as to quickly respond to the needs of customers

it is precisely because of the innovation of business operation mode that it is a challenge and an opportunity for us in recent years. From marketing innovation to digital production management innovation, on the one hand, marketing and production costs have been reduced, on the other hand, output efficiency has been improved. However, how to attract customers with cost-effective products will determine whether enterprises can turn the shuffle crisis into new opportunities. Enterprises that do not need e-commerce will be eliminated by e-commerce in the future

choosing an e-commerce model suitable for enterprises is the hard truth of development.

with the further expansion of China's packaging and printing market, many packaging and printing enterprises in China have also achieved further expansion of their business market through e-commerce platforms. E-commerce in the packaging and printing industry market has become a major trend of industry development. In the past few years, the e-commerce market has become increasingly mature, which has led tens of thousands of traditional enterprises to enter the Internet and carry out e-commerce without hesitation. Although many enterprises have changed their destiny through e-commerce, not all the traditional enterprises that have entered them can succeed in one fell swoop. There have been struggling and even losers. Obviously, most Chinese traditional enterprises have not fully realized the opportunities brought by e-commerce. For more packaging and printing enterprises, it seems beautiful to get involved in e-commerce, but it is difficult to do well and become bigger

recently, there are three e-commerce related stations in China's packaging and printing industry. (1) Professional packaging stations, such as China packaging, include packaging transaction intermediary stations and comprehensive packaging industry stations. These stations are relatively successful in the packaging e-commerce mode before China's goal and should not be closed for no reason. Some service functions provided by the stations have shown the functionality, professionalism and authority of packaging e-commerce; (2) The self built station of packaging enterprises means that packaging enterprises carry out product service by themselves. However, due to various reasons such as technology and operation, the construction of the station is not satisfactory; (3) Non professional packaging stations, although showing the great vitality of packaging information, lack of professionalism and industry advantages, and can not fully display the advantages of packaging

in my opinion, for packaging and printing enterprises, there is still a lack of mature conditions for the constituent media based on the enterprise's own products as a platform, because the enterprise lacks professional technical personnel and information resources in the industry, and the self built station can not have a good brand effect and marketing effect due to its group oriented limitations. The enterprise should spend more time and energy to improve product quality and customer service, and learn to take advantage of it, Make good use of the third-party professional packaging station to reduce operating costs and improve the visibility of the enterprise. In order to better help packaging and printing enterprises to promote, first of all, it is necessary to start the popularity of the station, have prominent advantages in functions, and have a large amount of information. At the same time, what effect should the enterprise bring. There is a practical case: after the marketing promotion of a packaging and printing business on a B2B business search engine platform, the food packaging and printing business of the enterprise has developed well. At present, many food processing plants that need packaging find this enterprise through this platform. The business growth rate of the company also remained at about 30%, and this year's performance increased by more than 2million yuan over last year

as the earliest industry portal in China, China packaging is the third-party e-commerce platform with the most complete classification, the most powerful functions and the most abundant information resources in the packaging industry. On Chinese packaging, the buyer and the seller can learn about each other's information, and enhance the trust between enterprises according to the authentication, information feedback, transaction evaluation, credit rating and other information of both parties. The station connects enterprises, products, exhibitions and sales with station services, sharing resources, and better providing comprehensive services such as image publicity, product promotion and sales, and information for enterprises. A series of services, including magazine interaction, services, and enterprise e-commerce solutions, are the best e-commerce mode selected by packaging enterprises. I gave an example. One enterprise released its demand for packaging in China, and other enterprises paid attention to their information. Later, they reached a cooperation. It saves a lot of trouble to find and facilitates communication. It not only makes money but also saves transportation and other expenses, which is actually mutually beneficial to both sides. However, many enterprises are unwilling to try e-commerce and do not understand or understand e-commerce enough; In the packaging and printing industry, many people have deep-rooted traditional ideas. They do not know how network promotion brings orders. Their inherent habits and attitude of being content with the status quo, being satisfied with existing customers, and being unable to accept the price transparency and fierce market competition brought about by e-commerce are common phenomena. The more they refuse to accept and reject e-commerce, the more competitive pressure they will face in the future. In other words, if e-commerce is not done well today, there will be no business tomorrow

the establishment of the e-commerce Committee of China Packaging Federation is a historical necessity.

with the prosperity of China's commodity economy, China's packaging and printing industry will continue to grow, and the e-commerce trend of the packaging and printing market will be further strengthened. E-commerce is different from the traditional business model. It does not need to be restricted by the latter's geographical location. Its competitiveness will expand from a certain region to the whole country and even the world. This means that the focus of enterprises' e-commerce should turn to the following issues: whether enterprises can quickly accumulate users, rapidly expand their scale, and gather the best sources of goods and talents in the country. In order to better solve these problems of traditional enterprises, under the current new economic situation, e-commerce is an opportunity to promote the development of China's small and medium-sized enterprises, which is worthy of serious study and exploration of appropriate e-commerce development strategies. Hongrenyuan e-commerce company (China packaging) is applying to China Packaging Federation for the establishment of the e-commerce Committee of China Packaging Federation

the e-commerce Committee of China Packaging Federation relies on China packaging to establish a national trading platform and consulting platform; Organize, formulate, improve and implement network service projects, install procurement, intermediary and distribution systems, and carry out B2B e-commerce. Provide a series of services including sales to all members of China Packaging Federation; Through stations, media, papers, conferences, forums, selection, training, visits and other channels, forms and activities, promote China's 3. Ascending or descending installation test

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