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The role of CIM technology in automatic control of newspaper printing

cim is a computer integrated manufacturing technology, also known as workflow automation. CIM can digitally control every production process from receiving orders to shipping. It has been used on perforated paper tapes using coded data instructions since 1950

the automobile manufacturing industry and the newspaper industry have different interpretations of CIM. It is difficult for newspaper manufacturers to control the contents of newspapers. Unlike car seats, and advertisements are diverse. They never appear in the same position, nor can they control the quality and format of the original image. Now, newspaper automation technology has emerged. We can deal with varied information, automatically arrange advertising positions, and allocate different printing plates on different printing machine rollers. You can run the program you need through CIM

the automation of cim

printing workshop dedicated to the newspaper industry is the key point, but it is necessary to understand the overall interests of CIM. The printing workshop needs to communicate with the prepress department, the prepress department needs to communicate with the advertising department, and all the above departments need to communicate with the administration, sales and delivery departments

in the printing production environment, automation requires data digitization and the ability to transfer data from the dual workflow terminal to other programs, so as to complete the command transmission step by step. Pdf based workflow software simplifies the process of page processing and data transmission

workflow production software is the key to newspaper production. To achieve maximum efficiency, it needs to provide unlimited flexibility. In this way, you can greatly improve your digital conversion ability, so that you can easily accomplish your goals. It can also cope with unexpected needs at any time

the workflow software has enough flexibility to handle complex multi platform road work and single point of control domestically. So it can grow according to your needs. The computer needs to complete multi version work by automatically exchanging page content. It will sort out the location of content and advertising, and can transmit instructions to the printing workshop and shipping department

cim manufacturing environment repeatedly searches and monitors the manufacturing of products through scanning and video recorders to ensure the high quality of products. CIM production of newspaper industry monitors equipment through quality control and advanced communication technology of camera device, automatically identifies potential problems and puts forward solutions

cim can combine business functions with production through data. JDF technology is specially developed for the printing production environment, which can exchange business information with production and management information and it departments. When the transmission instructions can hardly be updated in the newspaper workflow, JDF technology will facilitate the exchange of instructions in multiple locations

cim also promises automatic program control, including communication between prepress and printing departments, ink volume setting, color management and quality parameter provision instructions

instant control means to start a dynamic work of flame retardant from your software interface. By adding this browser based remote control, you will be able to start working or proofreading anytime, anywhere. The ultimate goal of CIM is to make production easier and control all aspects of production

It may take some time to use a single working platform to control newspaper production, but the process between prepress and printing will soon be realized as a continuous and uninterrupted program

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