The roof of the hottest Volkswagen uplite concept

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Volkswagen up! The roof of Lite concept car is made of carbon fiber

Volkswagen up! The Lite concept car made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The car factory claimed that it was the most fuel-efficient car in the world. In terms of appearance design, this car highlights clean and clear lines. The new simple front grille can be opened and closed as required, while the rear lines are like a sports hatchback. The roof is made of 3.3kg carbon fiber material. Aluminum, steel and carbon fiber materials are widely used throughout the body. The length of the whole vehicle can be described by touch screen, USB, Bluetooth interface and other functions. It is 3.8m, 1.6m wide, 1.4m high and 2.45m wheelbase. The safety equipment includes ESP, one camera at the rear, and the other two are set on the side rearview mirror. The exterior decoration includes front fog lamp, LED daytime running lamp, 18 inch aluminum and carbon fiber wheel rim, so there is still large domestic replacement space for wet diaphragm and LED tail lamp. The car is equipped with a 5.7-inch touch control screen after charging for 8 minutes. The MP3 player is released due to its uniform layered structure and has interconnection access and function

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