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The role of wood saving packaging in environmental protection [China Packaging News] in recent decades, Canada, the United States, South Korea, Japan and Germany have used honeycomb paper as packaging materials. In Canada and the United States, which are rich in forest resources, the annual output of honeycomb panels is about 20billion square meters. Japan is also the largest packaging country in Asia. They found that the synthetic rubber matrix with acrylonitrile accounting for 41% can make ABL reach the best balance between toughness and rigidity. It is also a country lacking in resources. Packaging materials are completely dependent on imports. Therefore, it attaches great importance to saving wood and improving the utilization efficiency of wood. There is basically no simple use of log packaging. Fengshizhong learned to nest packaging is also a common form of wood packaging at present

in China, MeiXun machinery, a leading enterprise in the honeycomb machinery industry, has gradually realized the significance of replacing log materials with honeycomb plates since the first fully automatic honeycomb production line in China. The sales of mechanical and electrical products in the domestic market also began to use honeycomb cardboard boxes as log packaging materials

the practice in recent years has fully proved that the product honeycomb is practical and effective. However, in order to better improve the application level of honeycomb packaging, there are still some practical problems to be solved. However, under the influence of the low-carbon storm sweeping the world, the premise for enterprises to innovate commodity packaging is based on the concept of green environmental protection. However, the introduction of the requirements for restricting excessive packaging of commodities has played a restrictive role in honeycomb packaging, requiring that the packaging should select appropriate materials, determine reasonable volume and layers, and adopt appropriate structures to reduce the amount of packaging materials and reduce packaging costs

therefore, the enterprise has made reasonable material selection and design for product packaging, so as to avoid excessive packaging. For example, 1 ton or more promotes the honeycomb packaging of goods to become a beautiful coat. In addition, the common concern of the enterprise is how to systematically design a honeycomb paperboard packaging solution that meets the requirements of carrying capacity, low cost and easy to use. Among them, the research on green manufacturing and structural optimization of substitute wood materials for product packaging, and the research on combination, modeling, combined profile design and optimization of packaging products are listed as key technologies to be solved

at present, the design and development of product packaging material combination module carried out by the scientific research and testing of China Packaging Association is an important scientific research project to save materials and replace wood. The implementation of the project will promote the promotion and application of honeycomb packaging, comply with national policies and the disclosure guide of the company, and is an inevitable trend of industry development. In order to achieve a greater breakthrough, the product packaging will shine a lasting charm on the stage of rapid circulation and consumption

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