The role of the most popular green packaging film

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The role of green packaging film in popularity

at present, green packaging film mainly includes several types: edible film, degradable packaging film and water-soluble plastic packaging film. The following is a brief introduction to these types of films

edible film is a film with porous complex structure formed by the interaction between different molecules with natural edible substances (to let them know the application range of materials, such as polysaccharides, proteins, etc.) as raw materials. Such as chitosan edible packaging film, corn protein packaging film, modified cellulose edible packaging film and composite edible packaging film, etc. edible films can be applied to the inner packaging of various instant foods and should have a huge market in the food industry

degradable packaging film mainly solves the contradiction that it is difficult to recover discarded and non degradable packaging materials. If they are buried underground, they will damage the soil structure, and if they are incinerated, they will produce toxic gases and cause air pollution

degradable plastic packaging film not only has the functions and characteristics of traditional plastics, but also can be split and degraded in the natural environment through the microbial action of soil and water or the action of ultraviolet rays in the sun after the service life is completed, and finally re-enter the ecological environment in the form of reduction and return to nature

degradable plastics are generally divided into biodegradable plastics, photodegradable plastics and biological/photodegradable plastics. The varieties developed in China have covered photodegradation, photobiodegradation, photooxidative biodegradation, high starch content biodegradation, high calcium carbonate filled photooxidative degradation, full biodegradation and other categories; Plastic products have been widely used in packaging. Although China's experimental machines are constantly being modified, they are better than ordinary packaging films, shrink films, shopping bags, garbage bags, etc. domestically, and have played a positive role in improving environmental quality

water soluble plastic packaging film, as a new green packaging material, is widely used in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. The experimental force that can be borne by the fixture is a very important indicator of the fixture. The packaging of various products has been widely valued by developed countries in the world because of its complete degradation, safe and convenient use and other environmental protection characteristics

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