Decoration effect drawing of creative restaurant

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Exquisite and elegant dining tables and chairs, and chandeliers with a sense of falling are the core of the decoration design of the restaurant. Simple collocation has been able to meet the needs of life, and it is also very comfortable. If you put bouquets on the table, there will be endless romance on the basis of comfort. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will take you to enjoy the following group of creative restaurant decoration renderings

restaurant decoration effect picture

the white round dining table in the restaurant in the picture is modern and fashionable, and the matching black rattan dining chair is simple and elegant, and glows with the natural beauty of the original ecology. The matching of black and white forms a sharp contrast to enhance the indoor decoration effect, the ceiling chandelier design is unique, giving people a distinctive visual impression, and the decoration and decoration of the color decorative plate on the wall break the monotony of space color, Presents elegant artistic beauty

restaurant decoration effect drawing

the orange velvet cloth dining chair in the decoration effect drawing brightens people's eyes. The gorgeous colors enrich the color of the restaurant. At the same time, the elegant shape of the dining chair fully shows the dignity and romance of European style, improves the grade of the space, and renders an elegant dining atmosphere. The red brown solid wood dining table matched with it looks thick and steady, and the square chandelier on the ceiling has a Chinese classical charm, revealing a strong cultural atmosphere, which makes it different

effect drawing of restaurant decoration

the dark blue background wall is hung with white decorative paintings and rectangular mirrors with golden frames, and the bright colors avoid the heaviness and depression of the wall; Black lamp, golden bracket chandelier, black and gold collocation highlights a noble quality; The black solid wood dining table, the white cloth surface and the brown solid wood framed dining chair show a natural and simple aesthetic feeling, while the small white potted flowers on the desktop are fresh and pleasant, making the atmosphere of the restaurant cheerful and becoming the finishing touch of this decoration effect picture




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