The spring flower fair is open, and the decoration

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Flowers will bloom in spring, birds are free, I am still waiting, waiting for my love, you come back soon &mdash& mdash; Ren Xianqi's song "spring flowers will bloom" sings people's inner desire for spring and love. Dear friends, when spring comes and the beautiful scenery of pink and willow green, birds and flowers outside the window makes you linger, have you ever thought of introducing this wonderful spring light indoors? A few peach blossoms, a bunch of roses, a bed full of flowers, wallpaper full of brilliant blooms &hellip& hellip; It's actually so simple to perform spring at home. Come on, give it to your new home “ Highlight ”, Let every corner of the home be surrounded by the breath of spring and love

fresh products in spring: Feather roses have seen real roses, and silk roses are no longer fresh. Have you ever seen roses made of feathers? With the aura of life, flashing metallic luster, when green and crimson leap into your eyes, you can't help being attracted. Don't be too many, just one, you can focus your attention. A glass of red wine and a piece of soft music are filled with vague ambiguity. I believe that the heart of my lover is also soft. Fresh products in spring: peach blossom trees are early in winter. When the outside world is still depressed, many restaurants and hotels are in the lobby “ Plant ” The bright peach blossoms of trees make the breath of spring come to my face. However, they are somewhat lonely here, because they have no company. We might as well create a small world in one corner of the room. A peach tree is too lonely, and then move a European style fabric sofa. Pink rose branches on a white background are blossoming, forming an interesting contrast with peach blossoms. I believe it is not difficult to hold spring in your arms

fresh products in spring: the red flowers and large green leaves of the style sofa are set off on the black shading, bright and eye-catching, with a prominent style, as if the sea breeze from the South Pacific came at once, blowing away the dreariness of winter and amplifying the breath of spring. Sofas, curtains, and even bedding can be decorated with them if they are next to “ Raise ” On the last vigorous banana, exotic customs spontaneously arise, and a room of spring is bright and shining



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