There are always nine decoration styles you like

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There are always nine decoration styles you like.

the place where people spend most of their lives is their own house. Everyone has spent a lot of time on decoration, some like Europe and the United States, and some like Chinese style. The following editor will introduce several decoration styles

loft style

loft style is really special in decoration. Its personality is publicized and unrestrained. It is deeply loved by designers, artists or some avant-garde young people. The materials are mostly industrial elements. The simplicity and gray tone of raw materials require the visual impact of publicized bright colors

color matching scheme

background color: industrial elements are used on the wall (gray white color with high saturation) and on the ground (gray dark wood floor), and the bare principle is adopted to retain the real texture mechanism of the material, such as the bare use of reinforced concrete, the reappearance of wood mechanism, etc

main color: the simple and gray tone of red, yellow and white raw materials requires the publicity of bright colors for visual impact, so try to choose red, yellow, blue and other colors with high color saturation with strong visual impact. www.WB380. Com

embellishment color: the style of green metallic loft does not lack color elements. The embellishment color can be coordinated and supplemented by green plants or metallic colors to avoid conflicts with the main color





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