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Come to Xinshao aluminum, one-stop purchasing service, and experience what is complete

with the arrival of the year of the pig,

page, a soft and cute little pig sister, has changed from pink to "red"

what exactly is page

what is page

what is complete

as a door and window enterprise,

in addition to purchasing profiles in stock,

do you have to run around looking for other suppliers to purchase

locks, hardware, rubber strips, lattice strips

how much energy and cost will be wasted

laixinshao aluminum

one stop procurement service

experience what is complete

complete doors and windows


the whole set of doors and windows can be complete from aluminum profiles, accessories, lattice bars

and molds,

there is no need to run around,

reduce energy and cost,

maximize benefits, and

services are more convenient

and Xinshao aluminum recently upgraded warehouse 3,

significantly increased inventory capacity,

continued to expand the scope of one-stop procurement of aluminum profiles

Foshan Xinshao Aluminum Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, with 15000 square meters of standardized plant. Its products include medium and high-grade color aluminum door profiles, aluminum alloy sliding door profiles, bridge broken casement profiles, heavy-duty sliding door profiles, folding door profiles, casement profiles, aluminum alloy sliding window profiles, casement windows profiles, sunshine room profiles, etc. The company is the director unit of Foshan door association and a recognized brand in the spot market of door and window profiles. It is committed to building a large and comprehensive spot supply base of door and window profiles in Foshan




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