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For high-end customized aluminum alloy doors and windows, the franchise agent of bridge breaking system doors and windows will find bailima doors and windows, and the service hotline is 400-9999-600

winning in the terminal is the principle that the competitive market remains unchanged. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, how to improve the terminal operation ability? How to build a professional team? How to establish core competitiveness among many brands to stand out

enabling team helps terminal

terminal training. As an important starting point of the marketing strategy of Blima doors and windows in the second half of 2018, we have been acting! In September, m985 big business empowerment plan was launched to comprehensively improve the operation capacity of terminal stores. In October, bailima doors and windows continued to strengthen terminal assistance, and implemented targeted practical training and drills

this terminal training is mainly carried out around product knowledge, order process, customer collection system, store five sense system, store order grasping skills, refined management and other contents, helping bailima people comprehensively strengthen their sales skills and capabilities from actual combat. At the same time, it also further improves the store image and customer experience system, enhances the confidence of terminal sales, and jointly builds a benchmark brand

based on the actual situation of the terminal, strengthen the training of store managers, shopping guides and sales practice, aiming to promote the improvement of sales skills and the transformation of management mode of the terminal store, so as to comprehensively and systematically improve the actual combat ability of the terminal of the sales elite, strengthen the sales skills and service ability, and provide more professional and better service and experience for the majority of consumers

after returning from hundred battles, we will practice again. 2018 is a year for the terminal empowerment of bailima doors and windows. We will forge ahead with our ambition. In the future, all Blima people will continue to work hand in hand, forge ahead, pool the strength of the team and create more brilliant achievements






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