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Melt blown nonwovens enterprises were "fooled" by the market. It was learned from relevant parties that the "H1N1 flu" hit last year, and there was a shortage of melt blown nonwovens for masks, which caused the price of melt blown nonwovens to soar from the usual 20000 yuan/ton to 130000 yuan/ton. As a result, a wave of wind blowing up the melt blown nonwovens production line. According to relevant data, in 2009, the melt blown nonwovens industry added 12 melt blown production lines with a width of more than 6 meters, and the existing production lines nationwide reached 102, with a production capacity of about 58000 tons, up 41% year-on-year

blindly following the trend and eating bitter fruit

the rapid growth of production capacity has not brought benefits to the following enterprises, but added a lot of troubles. There was an enterprise in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, which used to make transfer printing paper. Later, the boss saw that masks were selling well and making money quickly, so he invested millions of yuan in several nonwovens production lines for the production of mask base materials. The equipment was installed and the products came out, but the market changed: the original best-selling masks could not be sold overnight. The boss is very depressed. The equipment had to be shut down and the workers resigned. Due to the contingency and transience of emergencies, the latecomers who blindly entered the market were "knocked down" by the market

in this experience, many enterprises were forced to dismount before the ordered equipment was delivered or installed and commissioned. Some melt blown nonwovens enterprises are also facing the fate of finding rice for cooking or stopping work because the downstream product channels cannot be connected. "It is impossible for the market to absorb so much production capacity at once. In fact, the reason is very simple." You Xiangyin, general manager of Nantong Liyang new material development Co., Ltd., calculated an account, "one ton of melt blown cloth can produce 9million masks. Then, think about how many masks can be produced with nearly 60000 tons of melt blown materials?! masks can't be used as food. Can they be consumed?"

blindly following the trend and being "fooled" by the market is indeed a lesson for melt blown nonwovens manufacturers. It is true that industrial textiles 9, safety performance inspection products of plastic tensile testing machines and the nonwovens industry are often "valued" with emergencies, but enterprises should find their own development path according to their own conditions and avoid following the trend, otherwise they will suffer from their own bitter fruit. The "mask war" triggered by "H1N1 flu" should be taken as a warning

the only way out lies in innovation

can melt blown nonwovens only be used as masks? The answer is No. At the 17th Annual Conference on spunbonded and melt blown nonwovens held recently, some enterprises that produce melt blown nonwovens found that the appearance of the piston was damaged. They took advantage of the situation and sought change in adverse circumstances. Their innovative technologies and experiences in products and concepts benefited the participants a lot. Nantong Liyang new material development Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly producing melt blown products. They realized earlier that the melt blown nonwovens market will eventually be reshuffled, and enterprises with poor ability to resist market risks will be ruthlessly eliminated by the market. Only by seeking change and innovation can we survive

you Xiangyin provided a "prescription" for survival and development for the colleagues attending the conference: the future direction of melt blown nonwovens should be process refinement, product functionalization, structure integration, application substitution and market differentiation. He said that melt blowing seems simple in process, but there are many technical barriers, involving many disciplines, and it is not good to do it only by looking at things and learning a little. Melt blown products are not single. In addition to making masks, thermal flocs and oil absorbing materials, they can also be developed for many purposes, such as antibacterial, breathable, flame retardant, high temperature resistant and other materials. He believes that melt blown technology should integrate various technologies such as textile, fiber, paper making, film and composite, and products should be differentiated. We should not "wear pants of the same size". It is understood that the company has been committed to the development of new melt blown products in recent years, and is living a good life. After repeated questioning, you Xiangyin disclosed several new meltblown products developed by them, such as sound-absorbing materials for highway tunnel construction, water seepage materials for soilless cultivation of flowers, anti-skid and breathable shoemaking materials and automotive interior materials

at the spunbonded nonwovens branch meeting of China Industrial Textiles Association, long Yipeng pointed out that the spunbonded melt blown nonwovens industry should change the situation that everyone competes in the low-end market, break through the "sound barrier" of development, and design the enterprise's equipment and plant from the aspects of market, standard, customer demand, process and health, which have a serious impact on the price, after-sales and quality requirements of the experimental machine, Walk out of an industry development road with its own characteristics

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