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Wanggua food launched a new package, the independent small package "grab bag" was recognized

[China Packaging News] the day before yesterday, it was learned from Jinjiang Wanggua Food Co., Ltd. that the brand-new packaging of many products of Wanggua was launched at the 2014 Fujian Taiwan (Quanzhou) food fair, realizing the upgrading of products

it is understood that at the 2014 Fujian Taiwan (Quanzhou) food fair, Wanggua food launched a new package. Its nut fried products such as watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, white melon seeds, green tea melon seeds, peanut products, etc. changed the previous packaging innovation, such as large packaging, and used independent small packages to pack hand grabs

compared with the previous large packages or even the packages exposed in the air, the independent small packages bring consumers more convenient, cleaner and hygienic experience. Weng Baihong, the general manager of the company, told us that in the past, fried goods were often exposed directly in the air in the stores, and consumers often chewed them with their hands, which would cause unsanitary products. At the same time, products exposed to the air may also lead to unstable shelf life of products, which is only limited to twoorthree months. The independent small package not only makes the product more beautiful and convenient for consumers to choose, but also can select multiple tastes at one time, and can be better preserved. The shelf life can be up to 9 months

the visitors at the scene recognized the change in the packaging of Wanggua food, which helped the equipment to be more measured. In the past, speculation enterprises all chose large packaging because most consumers bought nuts to give away, which made such packaging more atmospheric; In supermarkets, they are sold by weight. In fact, this is not good for new customers to taste and carry. Therefore, Taiwan has recently chosen to produce small packaged products for sale in convenience stores, which is more humanized. This practice actually coincides with Wanggua's handbag. Said wujunyi, head of Taiwan Guanyi Food Co., Ltd


choose to list new packaging at the 2014 Mintai (Quanzhou) food fair. Weng Baihong revealed that the food fair is a platform for enterprises to show their strength and also a platform for enterprises to communicate with customers from all over the world. As one of the leading demonstration brands in Jinjiang food industry, wangguayou has shown the best image to domestic and foreign merchants, and also wants to seize this opportunity to impress more merchants

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