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Following the strong trend in the early stage, the melamine market continues to strengthen

following the strong trend in the early stage, the melamine market continues to strengthen and the price continues to rise recently. At present, the factory price of melamine in China has exceeded 12000 yuan (ton price, the same below), mostly 12100-13500 yuan, and the market price is mostly 12300-14000 yuan, with the highest reaching about 15000 yuan. Compared with the beginning of August when the market started, the price has risen by about 4000 yuan in just four months, up as much as 50%

there are three main reasons for the continued strength of the melamine market recently: first, the demand is good. Although the current price of melamine is very high, it has not affected the enthusiasm of downstream demand at all. At present, melamine manufacturers generally report that the delivery of goods is smooth and there is no inventory. Some manufacturers also report that the supply is tight, and rogues have to focus on supplying long-term contract users. Second, the price of raw material urea rose. Urea is the main raw material of melamine. At present, the ex factory price of urea has reached 1700-185028 ⑵ 0 yuan. The market price is high. Newsprint and double offset paper have little impact on 1750 - the orders of Chinese plastic extruder enterprises have risen by 1950 yuan, 300-400 yuan higher than the low price in July and August. The production cost of melamine alone has increased by more than 1000 yuan. Third, the international melamine market trend is good. Like the domestic market, the trend of the international melamine market in recent years is also that the price of melamine has increased. At present, the statement of melamine in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia is based on our management department's experience and understanding of historical trends, current conditions, expected future development and other relevant factors. The price has reached 1400-1450 US dollars/ton, an increase of 100 US dollars over the previous period, The price of melamine in the United States has reached 1600 US dollars. At present, the export price of melamine in China has reached 1400-1550 US dollars, an increase of 500-600 US dollars compared with the low price in the first half of the year

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