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In June, 2014, citizen a Tang (a pseudonym) purchased four bottles of aphrodisiac from the United States, but all of them were fake. The public security branch of the Development Zone launched an investigation and dug out a case of fake drugs sold by sellers in four provinces. As of last May, a total of four wholesalers and sellers had been arrested or surrendered. After the case was brought to justice, the wholesaler said that the aphrodisiac involved in the case was actually processed by a small workshop in Guangdong. For example, the common glass fiber 988a formula was "sildenafil + starch". Recently, these four people were punished by the court of the development zone for committing the crime of selling fake drugs

buy 4 bottles of aphrodisiac, all fake drugs

a Tang is 40 years old and lives in a community in the development zone. On june2,2014, a Tang found that a store on Taobao sold aphrodisiac, which was claimed to be produced in the United States. Seeing that the sales volume was good and there were many favorable comments, ah Tang bought four bottles at the price of 140 yuan

a few days later, Tang received the goods and opened them. The words on the four bottles of medicine were all in English. However, she found that compared with regular drugs, the four bottles of American aphrodisiac were inferior in appearance and felt like fake drugs, so she reported to Yangzhou food and drug administration

the four bottles of aphrodisiac purchased by a Tang were all fake drugs, and sildenafil was found in the drugs. Yangzhou food and Drug Administration believed that the matter was suspected of a criminal offence, so it transferred the clue to the public security branch of the development zone

after preliminary investigation, the public security branch of the Development Zone registered the science and technology case in Shenzhen. After investigation, it was determined that the owner of Taobao store where a Tang bought medicine was a man, whose real name was Shi, and temporarily lived in Hanjiang District, Yangzhou. On July 28 of the same year, the police arrested Shi

arrest across provinces and cut off the chain of selling fake goods

after investigation, Mr. Shi is 34 years old and comes from Jixi, Heilongjiang Province. Since 2013, he has opened an adult products store in Yangzhou, but his business has not improved. A year later, in order to reduce costs, he began to register a shop in Shanghai to sell adult products, sexual health products and aphrodisiac

Mr. Shi explained that most of the aphrodisiac drugs he sold were purchased from a Taobao seller in Shijiazhuang. Although it was claimed that they were produced in the United States, Finland and other countries, there was no drug approval number. Nevertheless, due to the low cost and high profit, Mr. Shi still took the risk of buying and selling fake drugs on the Internet until the case was committed

after mastering this situation, the police investigated Mr. Shi's online and determined that there were three levels in the fake drug network sales chain, from bottom to top: Mr. Shi, Mr. Huang from Hebei, Mr. Yang from Sichuan and Mr. Chen from Liaoning

after locking the hiding places of Chen and other three people, the police successively went to Shenzhen, Guangdong, Chengdu, Sichuan and other places to launch arrest operations. By may2015, Chen and other three persons had been arrested or voluntarily surrendered. At the scene of the arrest, the police seized a large number of unsold drugs. After identification, these drugs were counterfeit drugs, all of which contained sildenafil

how is this fake drug sales chain formed? Where do these aphrodisiacs come from? In order to find out these problems, the public security organ immediately interrogated Chen and others

capital + technology, two people cooperate to sell fake goods

after investigation, Chen is 30 years old, from Liaoyang, Liaoning Province. In 2012, Chen opened a sexual health product store in Shenzhen, mainly selling sexual health products and aphrodisiac. When doing business, Chen wanted to expand his business to Taobao when he saw that many people had made money by opening stores. Because he is not very proficient in computers, he can only recruit employees to help

at the beginning of 2014, Mr. Chen registered a store on Taobao to sell aphrodisiac, entrusted employees to manage it, and transferred the physical store to Mr. Yang

Yang, 31, from Suining, Sichuan. After taking over Mr. Chen's shop, his business became worse and worse. He not only failed to earn back the store rent, but also lost a lot of money. In desperation, he found Chen, proposed to return the store, and asked Chen to return the money. At this time, Chen sold aphrodisiacs to customers through Taobao. His business has been on track. Therefore, he is not willing to take over the physical store

knowing that Yang knew how to operate computers and manage the store, Chen invited him to sell aphrodisiac drugs on the Internet. At this time, Yang took a fancy to Chen's supply and capital, and immediately agreed to cooperate

after that, Chen told Yang all his Taobao account and password and entrusted him with the operation. At the same time, Yang also registered a Taobao store. During the cooperation period, Chen invested in the purchase of aphrodisiac, and Yang was responsible for the sales through two Taobao stores. In the monthly sales, the cost belongs to Mr. Chen, and the profit is divided equally between the two. Under this cooperation mode, their business is spread over Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and other provinces and cities

his accomplice flew alone, and he developed offline. However, when Chen was happy about the booming business of the store, Yang was angry. The reason is that he lost a lot of money because he took over Chen's sexual health product store. Therefore, he decided to take the opportunity to make up for the economic losses at that time

in April, 2014, Yang sold all the goods in the two stores without telling Chen, and then fled to Chongqing with the money. Later, he went to a village house in Chengdu, Sichuan, and sold aphrodisiac through Taobao

after the "black eating black", Mr. Chen ate Coptis. In order to continue his business, he began to look for new partners. When sorting out customers, he found that Huang, a Hebei buyer, often purchased goods from Yang. Therefore, he took the initiative to contact Huang and let him be his offline dealer. Huang agreed. After that, Huang began to buy aphrodisiac from somewhere Chen, and then sold it to Shi and other offline through Taobao store until the crime was committed

are all produced and processed by small workshops in Guangdong

so where did the aphrodisiac drugs involved come from? In this regard, Mr. Chen said on his behalf that the names of these aphrodisiac drugs are diverse. All the labels on the outer packaging are in English, claiming to be bioengineering in the United States and other countries. 2. Three joints are cut from each batch of finished products for tensile test company research and development. On the surface, they look like imported from abroad. In fact, these fake aphrodisiacs are all "sildenafil + starch", which are produced and processed by a small workshop in a county of Guangdong

many years ago, Mr. Chen himself learned this "counterfeiting technique". "Sildenafil is mixed with starch, pressed into tablets or pills by machine, and then packaged and sold." Mr. Chen said that he had purchased a machine for pressing drugs, sildenafil, starch and other raw materials for pressing. However, because he did not master the corresponding formula, it was always impossible to press. In desperation, he sold the equipment to the online market and concentrated on the wholesale business of aphrodisiac

according to the investigation, as of the crime, four people including Mr. Chen had sold counterfeit drugs through the Internet, involving a total amount of more than 22000 yuan

recently, the procuratorate of the Development Zone initiated a public prosecution, and the court of the development zone held a court session to hear the case. After the trial, the court held that Chen and other four people knowingly sold counterfeit drugs, and their acts constituted the crime of selling counterfeit drugs. Considering the circumstances of the four people's participation in the crime, and considering that Huang surrendered himself, the court sentenced Chen to fixed-term imprisonment of one year and three months and fined 30000 yuan; The other three people were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 6 months to 1 year, all of whom were given a certain probation period of probation and fined between 10000 yuan and 20000 yuan

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