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"Little loach" decoration diary

the 2012 "nuocheng wardrobe Cup" decoration diary competition, jointly organized by Wuhan home decoration network, Chutian Metropolis Daily and nuocheng wardrobe, is about to take place. This decoration diary competition has attracted the attention of decoration companies and decoration owners since its opening. At present, this competition is in full swing in Jiangcheng area. At present, it is almost the countdown to the collection of decoration diary, and it is only 22 days from the deadline

since the decoration diary competition of Wuhan home decoration network was launched on February 8, 2012, a total of more than 70 decoration owners have actively participated. As of the time of publishing the manuscript, Wuchang District had the largest number of people with a click through rate of more than 20000. Among them, the click through rate of the decoration diary of the netizen "little loach" has exceeded the 70000 mark, and is moving towards the 80000 mark. The number of replies from netizens is as high as 4392. Hankou district is particularly prominent in the click through rate of the decoration diary of netizens "my family has treasure" and "bone"

the awards of the 2012 "nuocheng wardrobe Cup" decoration diary competition of Wuhan home decoration network are also particularly rich. At present, the most exciting prizes of the first three prizes have been fully prepared. At that time, 20000 yuan cash prize, 10000 yuan cash prize and 4000 yuan cash prize can be successfully won by netizens, which can be called the most luxurious prize lineup in the diary competition

in order to ensure the fairness of the competition, the on-site Organizing Committee of the award ceremony specially invited the top players in the industry as the evaluation guests, plus the on-site voting of the family and friends group, so as to finally decide who will spend the luxury prizes

I also want to remind you that the collection time of this decoration diary competition is up to December 10, 2012, and netizens who have not signed up for the competition should hurry up

how to participate in this competition:

from now on, just log in to the Nanhu teahouse forum of Wuhan home decoration network and put it in the decoration diary( )You can only participate in the competition after publishing the original theme post. Deadline: December 10, 2012

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list of monthly stars of previous decoration diary competitions:

star of August: [37th] dare not move

representative works: after 70, "dare not move" to create a heart dwelling (the actual record of the installation process of AO Smith water heater)

star of August gift: a bicycle worth 499 yuan

star of July: [15th] noisy or not

representative works: my new home is up to me, Lidao Mancheng

prize: stainless steel three piece pot set (valued at 1088 yuan)

star of June: [No. 33] Xiaodou kuaiyang

representative work: [No. 33]: Xiaodou kuaiyang @ fresh pastoral @ super storage scheme( )

prize: stainless steel three piece pot set (worth 1088 yuan)

star of May: [No. 31] little loach

masterpiece: we have never lived up to our encounter over the years - Installation of wooden bucket mop pool

prize: stainless steel three piece pot set worth 1088 yuan




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