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Now, the competition in door and window shopping malls is getting more and more intense. If a door and window franchisee can achieve millions at most, he is very sad. But if he is a door and window manufacturer, he may achieve tens of millions, or even billions. Therefore, if you want to become a large door and window franchisee, you must transform. So how should you transform? Learn from the window editor of guanhaomen

1. Business oriented to career oriented, altruistic and egoistic

business oriented door and window franchisees value the immediate interests and seek the situation of being prosperous; Business oriented door and window franchisees focus on the maximization of long-term interests, take overall consideration of the work, and then win the final victory. Business oriented door and window franchisees usually expect the business to continue for a long time, and seek to maximize the interests of the team, seek altruism, self-interest, win-win and double income. Therefore, in the current fierce competition in shopping malls, franchisees of doors and windows should transform to business-oriented

2. Individual households turn to companies and accumulate wealth

it is generally difficult for door and window franchisees to make a fortune, starting from the initial individual gradually. As time goes on, orders will continue to increase, team members will continue to increase, and customers will become more and more rational. Once, the handling method of individual households was obviously overwhelmed. At this time, door and window franchisees need to think about transforming to a company. Recruiting, training, creating teams, engaging in activities... A series of assignments should start with company style standard handling, and then get used to changes in the mall

3. Transfer experience management to scientific management and become bigger and stronger

door and window franchisees want to become stronger and bigger, it is necessary to keep pace with the times and cannot expect to rely on experience. Although experience is a way of growth, it alone cannot ensure that it will always stand firm in the face of drastic changes in the market. Therefore, franchisees of doors and windows must carry out scientific management and establish perfect management standards and service system in order to gradually grow stronger

4. Transfer the friendly handling to the standard handling, and carry out to ensure that the small business handling depends on the friendly handling, and the large company handling depends on the standard. In the past, individual households were more or less handled by kindness, with the help of relatives and brothers. Such results would lead to the sinking of talented people, and the shortcomings in handling could not be repaired by habits. However, friendship is only a kind of harmonic agent, and the criterion is the guarantee for the sustainable development of business. If a door and window franchisee wants to become bigger, it still needs to rely on the guidelines to deal with it, and establish a reasonable, useful and suitable mechanism, so that it can continue to develop and grow

5. Family style to company style, create channels

many individual households start to do door business, and only the husband and wife operate in order to save capital and expenses. Now such a simple form of family operation has become more and more difficult to maintain in shopping malls. Due to the oversupply of goods in shopping malls and the fierce competition, franchisees of doors and windows should turn the form of operation into a company. In this way, they can attract talents and elite agents, and gradually create them into a channel for group entrepreneurship. In this way, they can ensure the best development

6. Turn from self operation to team cooperation and operate correctly

in the past, the boss of door and window franchisees was very talented, but there was no excellent team to work together, so he would be very tired. Now, smart door and window franchisees know how to authorize and attach importance to creating teamwork skills. "Everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high". A successful door and window franchisee should be an investor or a company, not a salesman

7. From casual management to intelligent management, devise strategies

smart bosses have excellent talent management skills. They will not authorize their work at will, but also listen to the opinions of others. They are intelligent masters. They rely on their charm to attract excellent talents for their efficiency, and understand humanized management and reasonable profit sharing, so their business ability is growing. After all, the era of showing off courage is over, and the era of relying on intelligence to plan strategies has arrived, so being good at managing talents is the top priority





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