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With the increasing brand competition, China's door and window industry will usher in a new round of industry reshuffle, the survival of the fittest and the survival of the strong. How can door and window enterprises break through in this cruel competition? Under the market scuffle, only by settling down to prepare for a long-term war can we become the final winner

according to incomplete statistics, at present, there are tens of thousands of door and window enterprises with a certain scale in China. In the case of tight real estate regulation policies, so many door and window enterprises will face brutal market competition if they want to survive and develop. In the next few years, China's door and window industry will usher in a new round of elimination competition between brands and businesses. In the competition, enterprises compete for strength and endurance. "The leftover is the king", and only enterprises that can survive have the opportunity to become the king

crisis? Or transfer

in order not to be eliminated and to seize more market share, some large door and window enterprises have adopted the business strategy of expanding scale and channels. However, door and window enterprises actively respond to challenges and release not all "positive energy". The expansion of "quantity" has intensified the contradiction between energy, materials, labor and production

in the market competition, some enterprises even adopted the way of price reduction to win over consumers. But "profit" is always the purpose of enterprise management. In order to obtain benefits in the process of price reduction, operators will compress part of the production and operating costs, which will make the products with price reduction more prone to quality problems. Some of them even used their trump card - price war. The original brand store has also become a grocery store. As long as consumers want to buy, there are all stores, losing the characteristics and style of the brand

in this way, the brand policy of the product cannot be implemented. Therefore, there is an embarrassing situation that enterprises do not implement preferential policies for dealers, and dealers do not implement the enterprise's marketing strategy. The final result can only be to end unhappily - dealers change brands and enterprises lose terminal outlets. Therefore, when choosing products, our consumers should choose those brands with good quality and reputation that can stand the test of time

inferior products may lead to disputes

although the market is chaotic, there is also a huge turnaround behind the crisis. On the one hand, the market chaos has broken the dreams of some people who want to enter the door and window industry to dig for gold, slowing down the growth rate of door and window enterprises; On the other hand, "survival of the fittest", some enterprises and businesses that cannot meet the market demand will be eliminated, the competitiveness and influence of strong enterprises and brands will be further enhanced, and the door and window industry will develop towards standardization

how can door and window enterprises seize the turning point in the crisis and jump out of the encirclement? First of all, build a brand based on quality and supplemented by after-sales service. In order to continuously improve the influence of the brand, enterprises need to continuously improve product quality and after-sales service. Secondly, break through the bottleneck of product design, create new products and lead the trend. Imitation and plagiarism has become a major disadvantage of the door and window industry. Therefore, door and window enterprises in the growth period need to make breakthroughs in product design and performance improvement, and improve product design based on marketing strategies, so as to improve market share

Fuxuan doors and windows believes that the current market is no longer dominated by sellers, and consumers have full independent choice. We believe that as long as we do a good job in product quality control, constantly improve product design and optimize product performance, we can stand out in a series of door and window enterprises





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