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As the leading role of Foshan energy-saving profile, Weiye aluminum has practiced the development path of green production from its own production, product research and development to internal management

the new wave of "green manufacturing" is coming fast. In May this year, the State Council issued the "made in China 2025" to comprehensively promote the implementation of the action program for the first decade of the manufacturing power strategy. As one of the strategic priorities, the full implementation of green manufacturing not only highlights the national determination and execution, but also has attracted great market attention. Industry insiders said that in line with the "green" momentum, a large number of enterprises are expected to develop faster. The concept of green environmental protection is gaining ground among the people, and the requirements of "green low-carbon development" have become more clear. How to carry out the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry, known as the production of "green metals", is particularly noteworthy. As the leading role of Foshan energy-saving profile, Weiye aluminum has practiced the development path of green production from its own production, product research and development to internal management

as a green transformation practitioner

on the road of green transformation and upgrading of the industry, Weiye aluminum believes that technology is the first. To this end, Weiye aluminum has set the development direction of "energy-saving products, high-end complete sets", relying on innovation driven, walking in the front of the industry

determined to become a benchmark demonstration enterprise for environmental protection in the industry, Weiye aluminum has set standards higher than the national and industrial standards and boldly introduced advanced modern production equipment at home and abroad. In May this year, Weiye aluminum plant introduced the advanced technology of Toyo Technology Research Co., Ltd. of Japan, designed for the requirements of process, equipment, control, environmental protection, etc., and established a vertical oxidation electrophoresis production line with the largest capacity in Asia

the spraying production line in the surface treatment demonstration area

now the new production line has been put into production, and the scientific process layout and the degree of automation and intelligence have become the industry leaders. Taking the lead in vigorously promoting green manufacturing and green products, Weiye aluminum has played a leading role in accelerating the construction of digitalization, networking and intelligence

comprehensive interpretation of green production

when China's manufacturing power strategy enters the fast lane, the requirements for green manufacturing are also more clear. From its own production and product research and development, from brand publicity and internal management, Weiye aluminum implements energy-saving innovation in every link

at present, Weiye aluminum has an advanced energy-saving and environmental protection production system, which can effectively deal with the waste gas, waste water and waste residue from all links of production in an all-round and whole process, with the goal of minimizing environmental impact

Weiye aluminum has ten independent core technologies in key fields such as alloy optimization, melting and casting, extrusion, heat treatment, mold design and manufacturing. Take the lead in developing energy-saving door, window and curtain wall series that meet the requirements of various regions in China, filling the domestic gap; Take the lead in the research and development of green building aluminum alloy templates and structural profiles, and participate in the formulation of industry standards; With the new technology of substituting aluminum for wood and aluminum for steel, the overall technology has reached the international advanced level, leading the leapfrog development of the new aluminum alloy material industry

in 2012, Weiye aluminum established a production, learning and research expert team composed of many famous experts in the aluminum processing industry. Relying on the professional R & D team of nearly 100 people and the technical guidance of experts, Weiye aluminum has jumped to a new level in expanding green production, product research and development, product process quality and so on

therefore, Weiye aluminum has been rated as "China's top ten energy-saving profile innovation enterprises", "China's Green Star", "national ecological building materials demonstration and Exhibition Center Demonstration Enterprise", and has become a veritable "energy-saving profile leader"

embrace the strategic opportunity of environmental protection

the wave of green manufacturing brings new opportunities as well as new advances in technology. Weiye aluminum is also ready to deploy three production bases across the country, including Dali, Guangdong, Shishan, Guangdong and Jiangsu production base radiating the northern market, and is equipped with modern production facilities in different bases, such as the 7000 ton Guangdong plant Jiangsu plant has obvious advantages in 5000 ton extruder, automatic three-dimensional warehouse and automatic intelligent surface treatment production line




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