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Chinese classical decoration style is a style of interior design. The Chinese classical style absorbs the traditional decoration in the aspects of interior layout, line shape, tone and the shape of furniture and furnishings “ Shape &rdquo& ldquo; God ” Characteristics of. For example, it absorbs the composition and decoration of caisson, ceiling, hanging and sparrow in the interior of Chinese traditional wooden frame buildings, and the modeling and style characteristics of Ming and Qing furniture. With the improvement of people's living standards, we will also see that more and more people will invite some professional institutions to make different Chinese classical decoration renderings, which can not only make their rooms different, but also reflect different tastes. Now let's enjoy the Chinese classical decoration style

introduction to Chinese classical decoration style

China is a multi-ethnic country, so talking about Chinese classical decoration style actually also includes national style. Due to different regions, climate, environment, living habits, customs, religious beliefs, as well as local building materials and construction methods, all ethnic groups have unique forms and styles, which are mainly reflected in layout, shape, appearance, color, texture and treatment methods

definition of Chinese classical decoration style

Chinese classical decoration style is the artistic style of interior decoration design of Chinese classical architecture represented by palace architecture. It is magnificent, magnificent, luxurious, high space, deep, carved beams and painted buildings, magnificent and resplendent. The shape is symmetrical, the color is exquisite, and the decorative materials are mainly wood. The patterns are many dragons, phoenixes, turtles, lions, etc. it is exquisite, magnificent and ingenious. However, the decoration cost of Chinese style is high, and it lacks modern flavor, so it can only be used in home decoration

main characteristics of Chinese classical decoration style

the main characteristics of Chinese classical decoration style are to take wood as the main building material, give full play to the physical properties of wood, create a unique wood structure or bucket structure, pay attention to the principle of framing, standardize building components, pay attention to horizontal layout, use courtyard to organize space, use decoration components to separate and combine space, pay attention to the coordination between environment and architecture, and be good at creating atmosphere with environment. Use color decoration means, such as color painting, sculpture, calligraphy and arts and crafts, furniture display and other artistic means to create artistic conception

the basic development of Chinese classical decoration style

the birth of any product has the emotional factors of the producer. And the user, admirer, collector or ultimate owner must also invest in emotion. This endows the product with emotional factors. As a practical and artistic Chinese traditional furniture, its production and use process are all saturated with emotional art. The practicality and production process of classical furniture enrich people's emotional art elements, and the subsequent appreciation extends this emotional art to a certain height

key points of Chinese classical decoration style design

Chinese classical decoration style pays attention to hierarchy in space. It is divided by partition windows and screens. Solid wood is used to make a solid frame to fix the support, and lattice carvings are used in the middle to make ancient and simple patterns. Doors and windows are very important to determine the Chinese style, because Chinese doors and windows are generally made of lattice or other traditional Chinese patterns, carved into various themes with solid wood, polished smooth, full of three-dimensional feeling

the role of Chinese classical decoration

we can see that Chinese classical decoration plays a great role in life. It can reflect the best culture in China, and it also feels very simple. It is more elegant than European decoration. Without excessive exaggeration decoration, people can enjoy everything here very comfortably. Chinese classical decoration style can make our life more sweet, and we can also feel the cultural heritage of China. If the hanging shed can be made into a square, it will appear more artistic

the color chosen by Chinese classical decoration

when decorating, people will see that the superiority of Chinese classical decoration is also very strong, and when decorating, the bathroom and kitchen also need to pay attention to, including wooden doors and other places, to achieve the convenience of decoration, people will ask some professional institutions to make different Chinese classical decoration renderings to feel its internal connotation, This kind of decoration method has also been favored by people, which makes many people feel that this kind of decoration method is very elegant, looks not too complicated, and looks very simple

what should we pay attention to in the process of Chinese classical decoration

people have a lot to consider when decorating. People will see that Chinese classical decoration brings people a lot of convenience and makes people feel the advantages of this decoration method. Chinese classical decoration style can make our life more colorful, so this decoration style is also loved by people

editor's summary: the above is the key points of Chinese classical decoration style design. Experts' advice: give you a relevant introduction of Xanadu. Chinese classical decoration style is a unique form of cultural and artistic expression gradually formed after thousands of years of cultural inheritance in China, and is deeply loved by the public. For more information, please continue to follow our website. More exciting content will be presented later





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