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At the recently concluded Shenzhen home textile exhibition, Huiya information had the honor to interview Mr. Huang Yarui, the deputy general manager of molden curtain. In the interview, Mr. Huang introduced the new products of this exhibition and the future development plan of the company

Huiya information exclusive interview with Huang Yarui, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Jinniu Textile Co., Ltd. (moreDon)

Mr. Huang: this year, we are starting towards the overall soft clothing, and more importantly, we are showing the overall soft clothing, including curtains, soft bags, wall coverings and accessories. Soft bag is our main brand project this year, and wall cloth is also a brand vigorously promoted in the market this year

China softwear: the exhibition is also a major platform for investment promotion. What are the requirements for investment promotion

Mr. Huang: the investment invitation requirements are gradually improved, and the standards for franchisees are relatively strict in all aspects. Because we want to control the trend of the whole market and the quality of products, our requirements will be improved. We require the area of exclusive stores to reach the standard of 300 square meters, the height to reach more than 3 meters, and the location and site selection are relatively strict

China softwear: it is reported that insiders say that the market this year is not easy to do? What do you think of the current market

Mr. Huang: I think that no matter which market or industry, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, it is difficult to do, and even real estate will face winter. No matter how difficult the market is, there are also excellent enterprises. Morden takes marketing as the representative, and also makes marketing more extreme, so that more customers can break through the cold winter of the market

China softwear: next, what is your company's development plan

Mr. Huang: the main aspect is the integration of soft clothing, including the implantation of soft clothing in the original franchise stores, and we will increase our market share and strengthen the development of our franchise stores in the north of Shenzhen





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